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Three years from Tokyo to challenge Nagano and Niigata

Why “Shinetsu!” When asked.

  1. Shinetsu has given me learning and opportunities
  2. Support Shin-Etsu from Tokyo
  3. To remember the original intention

Shinetsu (Niigata) and Shinshu (Nagano).
For three years from 2017, I have been conducting activities in Niigata and Nagano, such as coworking space coverage, evacuation experience housing, community development, and issues related to vacant house migration problems.

21 coworking spaces I have visited in Niigata and Nagano!
There are 6 trial housings!
Over 30 hot springs I visited!
(Since it is a hot spring sommelier, I talked about hot springs. The head of the hot spring sommelier is Mr. Toma, the owner of the Toma Ryokan in Akakura Onsen in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture.)

From 2018, we have developed “Cobaco.art”。
We sold the works of everyone in Nagano at a box shop in Tokyo, and opened stores at events and Marches in Tokyo and Nagaoka City in Niigata Prefecture, where we interacted with customers and learned a lot.
“Tora-san’s mood,” which moves around with the work and sells, was just an activist who traveled. I am filled with gratitude.

I met wonderful people in various places for 3 years and received courage and energy from everyone.
How to do business Some of them taught me.
There were times when I was consulted and thought that I would like to support.
Some even said they remembered me and made me kind and respected me! Sometimes I thought, “I want to give back, I want to help.”

What can i do? I thought.

I like the word “Yottakari” in the Chuetsu region of Niigata Prefecture, and I thought that I would like to create a place where I can gather, enjoy tea, improve my skills, and have trial classes.
I acquired vacant houses and vacant lots in Nagano and Niigata, but it became difficult to move.

I am in Tokyo. I will not move to Nagano or Niigata.
Wouldn’t it be pleasing to bring interesting things, fun things, things, people, and communities that are not there to the area you moved to and introduce or sell them? As a result, it creates a path for people to flow. Am I not really doing that?

By carrying out such activities, we connect regions with each other.
There is a road connecting Tokyo and Nagano, Tokyo and Niigata, and Niigata and Nagano.
I wanted to become that bridge.

I love Niigata and Nagano who live in Tokyo! There are a lot of people.
Many people in Tokyo are from Niigata, Nagano Prefecture.
We will create a place where those people can enjoy and participate in their activities with nostalgia.

Support Shin-Etsu from Tokyo!
To keep that feeling in mind, I added “Shin-Etsu!” to the top of the name of the coworking space.

In fact, I was sometimes told that you are the person who connects Tokyo and Niigata.
When I participated in a lunch meeting with the governor of Nagano,
he said, “Migrating sommelier. Thank you Nagano in Tokyo.”

The memorable original scenery is Oguni Town, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. When you get out of the car from the misty mountaintop. The green rice fields covered in the sun, as far as the eye could see, and the cheerful voices and smiles of the children running around at the Autumn Festival! !! !!

Do you have children? !!
I was impressed by the energy of the children I saw after the wild and harsh silent nature! !!

Ah, it’s okay because there are children! !! !!
I hope we can create an area, education and society that keeps children smiling!

The crystals of these many thoughts are “a coworking space where you can practice by learning with a colony (village) that you can create and play online”. I do not go to Shin-Etsu, but I will connect Shin-Etsu to the world online in Tokyo.

「iine! Creators Colony」「International Ideas for New Experience!」I named each one.
From here, I would like to work with you. Eventually, it will be possible to connect with Niigata and Nagano.

This is the story of me and Shin-Etsu.
Next, please tell us about your “Shin-Etsu!” story.
Then, let’s create interesting, fun, and wonderful things together in “iine! Creators Colony”!