Activity philosophy

Creating a society that values ​​each individual

Activity guidelines

5K(Kōkishin → Kōdō → Kaizen → Kekka → Kansya)
(Curiosity → Behavior → Improvement → Results → Thanks)

Activity content

❶ Writing texts
① Articles
-Contents related to migration, multi-center life, remote work, etc.
② Introductory text
-Self introduction, shop introduction, product introduction, company and group
③ Business documents
-Manuals, plans, reports, thank-you and apology documents, etc.

❷ Home support
① Various lectures
How to use smartphones, computers, SNS, online tools, etc.
② PR tool production agency
Homepage, online shop, profile page, etc.
③ Mentoring
Worries about husband and wife, home and work, consultation on moving and migration, online learning, etc.

❸Social Contribution
We provide free workshops through activities such as Smiley🙂.



・ Born in Chiba prefecture


・Begin drawing original characters

・Start public relations support for art activities

・Responsible for operating NPO corporation website


・Co-living is carried out at three bases in Nerima Ward (Tokyo), Onjuku Town (Chiba), and Chichibu City (Saitama)


Open home studio in Nerima Ward, Tokyo


・Take courses related to hot springs and receive certification from each qualification (hot spring sommelier/hot spring tourist/hot spring tourism practitioner)

・As a writer, in charge of the official blog of video applications of major IT companies

・Warcation around the country (79 days in total)


・Experience migration at 9 locations in the Chubu region (each city in Nagano prefecture, Nagaoka city in Niigata prefecture, Shinshiro city in Aichi prefecture)


・As a traveling activist, we set up a “migrant sommelier” company and conduct social contribution activities that also serve as research activities by visiting various places, participating in events, holding sponsored events, etc.

・Succession of NPO “Japan Buyers Agents Association”

・Succeeding to a vacant house in Iwamura Town (Ena City, Gifu Prefecture)

・Succeeding the vacant land in Tagami Town (Niigata Prefecture)

・Succeeding to an unoccupied house in Kiso Village (Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture)

・Succession of the IT support business “Nico Nico Net”

・Social contribution activity “Smiley🙂” started


Onsen sommelier
・Onsen sommelier master
・Onsen tourism practitioner
・Onsen spring tourists
・Service Inspector
・Sensation color therapist (teacher qualification)
・Dementia supporters


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