Recruiting Japanese.CX is actively talking to foreigners living in Japan or visiting Japan. Exchange messages using a translator. There are foreigners who tell me that they want to go to Japan. After returning to Japan, some foreigners look at Japanese photos and want to go there again. It is a place of cultural exchange where people from all over the world and the Japanese learn each other beyond language, nationality and customs.

Our activity

Founded in January 8th, 2002
Established in July 26th, 2020

Japanese name


Activity contents

・Professor of knowledge about Japan
・Planning, management or holding of seminars
・Professor of arts/sports or knowledge
・Providing electronic publications
・Display of books and records
・Exhibition of works of art
・Book production
・Lending negative film
・Lending positive film
・Take a picture

Instameet Community Japan (IMCJP)

Once a month, people who like photography gather and take a walk while taking a picture.
I will enjoy the photos I take by posting them on Instagram.

Since 2017.
Travel bloggers Hai Huynh and Jessica Korteman are the organizers.
hey have been organizers in Japan for 7 years and returned to Australia in 2019 for childbirth.
Instameet is still hosted every month by the host.

Participating events

Instagram → @Chiyoko2525


I was the host at Insta Meet in May 2020.
The theme is “Zero Waste”.
Participants took pictures of their favorite recycled products at home and introduced them to each other.This is the basic format of Gomi Zero.ART.

Other events and MeetUp

March 23, 2018 Instagram #UnknownJapan campaign “ 知られざる日本の魅力” Tokyo International Forum Exhibition
June 15, 2018 ♪Cultural tour of UENO and Asakusa♪
August 8, 2018 M:P-32『MOV’s Sharing & Caring』
September 18, 2018 Takoyaki Party@Hostel Wasabi
November 24, 2018 Tamashima Instameet Tokyo Akiruno
April 16, 2020 日本台灣空中放送|国境こえたラジオ
April 19, 2020 日曜日の夜ONLINEでしゃべらNIGHT
May 13, 2020 オンラインで訪ねるbeing between遠足
June 13, 2020 Common Craft Club

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