IJU.company (Inbound Japan United) is a brand for all people involved in migration support, local revitalization support, local community support, overseas migration support, etc.

Our activity

Named in October 9th, 2018
Established in September 27th, 2019

Japanese name


Activity contents

・Conducting qualification examinations and granting qualifications
・Professor of knowledge regarding acquisition of eligibility for moving to Japan
・Teaching knowledge about moving to Japan
・Planning, operation or holding of qualification consultation, examination consultation, lecture, symposium or seminar regarding moving to Japan
・Providing electronic publications
・Display of books and records
・Book production
・Planning or management of performances of movies, performing arts, plays or music
・Movie screening, production or distribution, performance
・Drama production or performance
・Music performance
・Production of broadcast programs
・Production of videos for education, culture, entertainment and sports (excluding those for movies, broadcast programs and advertisements)
・Providing audio or video studios and athletic facilities
・Providing entertainment facilities
・Providing facilities for movies, performing arts, drama, music or educational training
・Arrangement of seats at the entertainment center
・Taking photos

Activity album

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Activity report

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