Monochrome photos are better for this post, I think.

Reiji Iizuka, who is an onsen writer, wrote these (Japanese language.)

It was started the promotion “温泉 BIZ (Onsen BIZ)” for working from hot springs area in Japan.

Chiyoko met him and asked him to sign the book she bought, and she wrote this (Japanese language.)

His author, 温泉失格(Onsen Shikkaku = Disqualified Hot Spring) , teaches us how important it is not to be misled by public information.
Although this theme is about hot springs, I think as same as about the information of COVID-19 too.

For whom is the best for Work At Onsen?
I think I’m right for a writer like Mr. Iizuka, because WFO is the origin of Japanese writers.

Writing in the room, taking a bath and refreshing ownself.

It is no exaggeration to say that Japanese literature and hot springs are deeply connected.

For example, the main building of the Dogo Onsen in the oldest hot spring area in Japan, which is currently undergoing restoration work.

There is a room related to Soseki Natsume, a Japanese very famous writer.

In our generation, there should be something for all creators too.

On the other hand, I think it is good for travel agency too because WFO is novel.

Coworking + Vacation products for digital nomads like generation Z.

Wealthy people who are interested in Nakasendo trail.


The latter may seem surprising, there are hot springs in various places in Japan, and there is a culture called “湯治(tōji)” where you spend a long stay in a hot spring.


It can be a very attractive product for the health-conscious generation.

If you’re interested in these, we can help you as our business.
Because Chiyoko and associates are professionals of Onsen.

Written by Kusayanagi, K.