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This is a workshop that conveys the “fun of expressing with good materials” using small high-quality Japanese paper (Oguni Japanese paper) in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, and professional colored pencils.

I have begun to want to widely convey to everyone the importance of “feeling” and “art of the heart” as well as technique and skill.

The first piece is a trial drawing with your favorite KABOO selected. I will collect this one and travel with KABOO. You can freely draw the second piece and take it home with you.

Children are first surprised by the difference in the feel of each piece of Japanese paper. Many children are new to Japanese paper. With a lot of colored pencils smiling, “Wow! I’m wondering what to do ♪”, I look at KABOO and start drawing seriously.

It’s very warm to see the parents watching the situation quietly, happily and lovably next to them.

Even if you draw the same KABOO, no KABOO of any child is the same!

Adults and parents can also experience the “CHIYOGAMI” workshop, where children can experience the fun and richness of expression.

Many people are very pleased with the “ARIGATO” card, which depicts “thank you” to their loved ones, moms, dads, friends, and people who are indebted to them on a daily basis.