November 4, 2011: Trademark registration
September 1, 2019: Children’s Workshop Start

Our activity

Our “Kodomo kobo (=workshop)” is a social activity for children, their parents, and people in the community.

Japanese name

にこにこネット®︎ / こども工房🙂
(Niko-Niko-Net / Kodomo-Kōbō🙂)

Activity contents

・Professor of arts/sports or knowledge
・Planning, management or holding of seminars
・Providing electronic publications
・Display of books and records
・Exhibition of works of art
・Book production
・Lending negative film
・Lending positive film
・Take a picture

🙂.to / Smiley🙂

Japanese “Kodomo shokudo” is a social activity to provide free or cheap nutritional meals and warm gatherings to children, their parents, and local people.(The Mainichi news paper

Great activity. I also wanted to do it, but I thought it was my duty to provide “opportunity for art”, not meals.

When I was a kid, I was very shy and didn’t study well. So I was bullied. My parents were usually not at home because they were working so busy. So my only pleasure was to draw alone.

I know drawing is a peace of mind, so I think the drawing workshop for children is also necessary.


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An online workshop created during the period of the COVID-19 self-isolation. The theme is art and zerowaste.

Please see this Google Slides for details🙂

Please see the work of the participants on this page🙂


This is a drawing workshop with WASHI (WASHI is Japanese traditional paper.) The card is named “ARIGATO CARD”. Meaning is ”The cards of thank you”. Giving to the person that you feel the kindness.

Workshop scene🙂

Please see the work of the participants on this page🙂


When I was doing an atelier on the first floor of my home, I started making it because I wanted to play with children, and at that time it was very popular with children. After that, I made it more enjoyable for children and adults alike.

Workshop scene🙂

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